Our Process

Not all bottled water measures up to the purification standards we use for our high quality refreshing water.

Step 1:

Carbon Absorbtion:

Removes chlorine and many other chemical compounds.
Step 2:

Water Conditioning:

Removes calcium and magnesium, thus preventing staining water and water hardness.
Step 3:

Second Stage Filtration:

Removes all suspended solids and organisms that are above 5 microns in size.
Step 4:

Reverse Osmosis:

Removes dissolved solids, biological matter, dissolved organic matter, and chemicals.
Step 5:

Third Stage Filtration:

Provides an additional filter and carbon tank for polishing the finished water for a great refreshing taste every day!
Step 6:

Oxygen Enriched:

A new technology that adds oxygen into the water.
Step 7:


A sanitizing process that leaves no residue even after the container is sealed for ultimate freshness.