Go Green

We offer both OXO Biodegradable and rPET (recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate) bottles.

OXO Biodegradable (100% Biodegradable & 100% Recyclable)

Biodegradation will occur in both:
  • Anaerobic (Compostable/Landfill) environments
  • Aerobic (Industrial Compostable) environments

Our biodegradable bottles are 100% Recyclable products that will not produce any toxic residue. These products return to the environment as a safe biomass and humus.

Our biodegradable bottles ensure customers that disposal of product lessens their carbon footprint on the environment.

Our biodegradable bottles have no degradation by exposure to external stresses during storage, shipping, handling, or use. This Provides an indefinite shelf life and similar service life.

Recycled PET plastic (symbol rPET).

These new bottles are made from previously recycled bottles and containers (post consumer plastic). Recycled PET reduces the environmental waste by using a post consumer recycled material.

PET is a clear polymer used mostly for product packaging and container manufacturing. PET is very strong, durable and most importantly, can be recycled over and over. There are many uses for recycled PET plastic (rPET). Only recently has recycled PET been approved for use in the manufacture of new bottles. The recycling process over time has been refined to allow for a consistent, pure quality of recycled plastic. This new purity has garnered the approval of Health Canada and the FDA for direct food contact. This is a major step to reduce our need for virgin plastic resins and move to 2nd generation containers that can be recycled again to become 3rd generation containers.

The Recycling Process:

Bottles that get recycled are first ground down, washed and separated from the cap and the label. The washed PET flakes go through a process called heat extrusion that removes contaminants from the recycled PET. The result is a consistent, clean, safe and much more environmentally friendly package.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), 2/3 less energy is required to manufacture products made out of recyclable plastic. Other studies have shown that the production of recycled plastic requires 2/3 less of sulphur dioxide, 50% less of nitrous oxide, and almost 90% less water usage.

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