About Us

With over a decade of experience in the water industry, Apani Southwest is focused on high quality water purification and customized label bottle markets. We have established a large client base including direct shipping to businesses and co-packing for other custom label water bottle companies. This allows us to service customers throughout North America and around the globe with our high quality and custom label bottled water.

Being family owned and operated, JP Pickens and Denise Pickens take pride in customer service being our top priority and operate with the highest integrity and ethics. Call today, (325) 695-1550 to find out more about our customized label bottled water.

Our Promise to Our Customers

Apani our philosophy is “our customers truly come first”. We will do everything possible to accommodate your label request and to deliver complete and on time.

We understand that our business will help your business grow. We also understand cost per bottle is very important, which is why we quote our lowest price up front.